14 February 2014

A Titanic Trip

Last weekend was another birthday weekend, and I really wanted to write a blog post on it, even though it is a little belated...

The first three months of the year bring about a cluster of birthdays, and of course birthday parties as well. On Friday it was my dad's turn to celebrate.

We, meaning the Boyfriend and I and our two cats, hopped on the train (again) and headed to see my family. It was quite a journey, since an important project had its deadline at 15:45 exactly. Our group had pushed off submitting the assignment until the very last minute, and being the project coordinator, it was my job to get it to the teacher on time. All I have to say about that is this: Editing, formatting, and submitting a text using a phone is not fun. Trust me!
On Friday my parents had a lot of family over to celebrate dad's birthday. I say a lot, but there was just me and the Boyfriend, my three siblings, my aunt and uncle, my grandmother, and my parents, naturally. We don't have that many close relatives, but the main thing is all of my immediate family was there. We didn't do anything special, just watched the opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympics and ate food, lots and lots of food. ;)

The next day, Saturday, was more special. We woke up at 6:15 and hurried to catch the boat to Tallinn, Estonia. My mum had planned a surprise day trip there for the whole family. It takes just a couple of hours to get there from Helsinki. We arrived there at about 11 in the morning and walked straight to Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour.

Taken from the staircase of the Titanic
The museum is very popular and crowded, especially because of the Titanic exhibition they have now. The que to get in was therefore really long, but to our surprise it moved along quite quickly. The "basic" exhibition was amazing, there were mines, submarines, boats, planes, and all kinds if stuff I know nothing about. It all looked cool, though (just look at the pictures)!

The Titanic exhibition was outstanding and really touching (and not ver expensive at all). You get a boarding pass when entering the museum. The pass is actually a replica of a real person's boarding pass. At the exit of the exhibition there is a wall with all of the passengers' names. There you can check whether or not you survived.

The first half of the exhibition displayed the amazingly beautiful interiors and artifacts of the Titanic as well as the mechanical aspects an engineering. The second half was dedicated to the disaster and the sinking of the unsinkable.

"Look, it's a Mario-star!"
After almost three hours at the museum we were all famished, and left for lunch at Clayhill's Gastropub. It was a small, comfy place, and the food wasn't massively expensive either. There were a few vegetarian options as well, which made me very happy.

It was a damp and drizzly day, but for a couple of hours after lunch there was a gap in the downpour and we managed to walk around in the Old Town. I have always loved Tallinn's Old Town with the winding, narrow cobbled streets, the medieval buildings, and the large town square. There are a loft of cute cafés there, too, and this time we chose to go to Reval Cafe to warm up and have some desserts. (Note: the page is in Estonian, but there are some lovely pics there; I didn't dare take any!)

All in all, it was a really nice day together with the family. We are all grown-ups and have our own lives, so it's really rare we get to hang out together like this.

13 February 2014

An Accidental Pre-Valentine's Day Date

Just a quick blog just because I feel like it. There's a longer one coming about last weekend's adventures, though. So stay tuned for that!

Tonight was one of those nights I will never ever want to forget. We had decided not to do anything for Valentine's Day since we don't really see the point in it (don't get me wrong, we are mushy and cheesy enough during other days of the year). And also because I'll be at work tomorrow night...

Yesterday, however, I was offered affordable (50% off) tickets to tonight's Les Misérables. How could I have refused?!

And so we had a pre-Valentine's Day date night! The musical was awesome, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The Boyfriend has never been to see a musical before, so for him it was an extra-special experience.

We had also said no gifts, but the Boyfriend blatantly broke the agreement and got me Robert Galbraith's (aka J.K. Rowling's) Cuckoo's Calling. I might have shed a few happy tears because of how sweet it all was...

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day, or Friday, if you're not into that kind of stuff! :)

2 February 2014

Building Legos at a Birthday Party

Waking up before eight on a Sunday morning is not everyone's cup of tea actually. The white quietness of an early, snowy morning. This morning, however, was not the easiest, and after watching Sherlock until midnight last night I really did not look forward to climbing out of bed as my alarm started ringing. Luckily I can always make early mornings your cup of tea simply by making myself a cup of tea. This morning started with one of my current favorites, Clipper's Organic Orange and Coconut Tea. Add a dollop of honey, and it's a bit like drinking liquid luck!

Why did I have to get up before eight o'clock? Because it's the Boyfriend's twin nephews' sixth birthday today (yeah, 2 boys born on 0202, kind of funny, huh?). Yesterday we spent all day looking for the perfect gift, especially because one of the boys is the Boyfriend's godson. What we found out was that we are both too old to be looking for gifts for kids that age: we just don't know what's cool these days! We figured Legos and Star Wars are always a good bet, though, so a Star Wars -lego pack for one boy and a coloring book for the other it was.

After more than two hours on the train we arrived. It turned out we weren't the only ones who had thought of buying Legos... And so we spent an afternoon building droids and ships and men carrying weapons. Actually, it was pretty nice to play with Legos for the first time in a long time. I can see why the kids were so thrilled when receiving them as gifts.

The twins and their big brother are some of the sweetest kids I have ever met. I'll insert here a couple of cute things the boys said during the birthday party just because I think there is something we all could learn from them! The first was while we were sitting down to eat cake with the kids and their parents:

The Boyfriend: I'll sit here next to you, shall I?
The Godson: Yeah! I got two gifts from you then!
The Boyfriend: Huh?
The Godson: First gift: Legos! Second gift: You're sittin' next to me!

(You really couldn't tell which of these "gifts" was better in his opinion. He is right, though. Isn't it great just to get to sit with a person you really like?)

The second cute conversation we had was about kissing. I gave a peck to the Boyfriend when I left the Lego-building-frenzy to check my texts.

The Godson (aka Twin#1): Yeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww... Yuckyuckyuck.
The Boyfriend: Do you think kissing is disgusting?
Me: You'd better watch it, young man! If you don't stop doing that, I'll kiss you too! ;)
Twin#2: You can kiss me if you like. I'm used to kissin', I kiss mummy every night!

(I think we all should get used to kissing. And cuddling, too. ;) Don't you?)

The party dwindled to an end at around five o'clock, we hopped on a train, and decided not to go all the way home but to come see my parents and stay with them for the night. We've had a laid back evening, had a little wine and cheese with them, and walked the dog, who loves it out there in the snow.

All in all, it was a pretty great Sunday, and waking up early was totally worth it! :) I'd love to hear what you've been up to today!