29 June 2014


Hi! I'm back after a long, draining spring. I had no energy left to keep up with the blog, but now it feels right to write again. Basically, there was a just too much going on at work and at uni (my Bachelor's thesis and a whole lot of courses, for instance). That's enough about spring stress for now, I think. Onto happier and lighter subjects!

Me and the Boyfriend moved in together about a month ago, which I couldn't be more thrilled about! :) We love our new place and are currently in the process of making it ours (at least as much as possible, since it is a rental flat). We also want it to be a space in which both of us will feel like home. Therefore there are a lot of things we still need and want to get. That's not always easy on a student budget, but luckily there are places like IKEA!

Exactly a week ago it was a rainy, freezing, miserable Sunday here in Tampere. In most of Finland, actually. We were just sitting around wasting time when the Boyfriend suddenly asked whether I wanted to accompany him to IKEA. Like you have to even ask!

I have been wanting a large clock for our kitchen wall. And when I say large, I mean huge. Big clocks are way too expensive for us, though, which is why we've decided to make our own. We found this 50*50 cm picture frame for that purpose, and it fits the kitchen perfectly! All there is to do now is actually make it into a clock... Stay tuned, I shall be writing something about that in the future, I hope.

We also picked up some really thick curtains for the living room, a carafe (ah, the nostalgia, my family always had one to serve water), an apron, and some coasters. There were a couple of pieces of furniture we really wanted to get, but since we are going away on a longer trip abroad, it seemed unnecessary to spend so much money at this point. We'll have time to make bigger purchases later on, it's not like we'll suffer immensely without bedside tables.

Is there anything you've been eyeing at IKEA at the moment that you think I should have a look at?