26 July 2014

"And on the Sixth Day God Created MANchester"

Manchester has a great buzz. I like it. The Northern Quarter, which is where we are staying, is full of quirky shops, bars, and cafés. It's the 'bohemian' area, or so the mancunians tell me.

We have spent a few days wandering around, as per usual. On Thursday we visited the National Football Museum (again, soccer for all you Americans out there). The Boyfriend was particularly excited about that, and I followed along, being the good girlfriend that I am (and the most modest). ;)

The Urbis, National Football Museum

All joking aside the museum was pretty impressive. There were of course a lot of football related posters and nick-nacks on display, but the history of the sport and the fan culture surrounding it were also very well represented.

After visiting the museum we hung around in the park next to it, went to see Piccadilly Gardens, and took a peek into Printworks.

The following day, that is to say yesterday, we happened to notice that the Manchester Jazz Festival was on, and there were some free performances as well! We headed to St. Anne's Church to listen to Matt Owens' project called Keys. It was an excellent concert combining gospel vibes, Latin American, African, and classical music. The end-result was hypnotic, light, emotional, and funny. I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you ever have a chance to hear this group play, I recommend going.

St Anne's Church

The rest of the day we did what we pretty much always do: had a picnic at the park, walked around, and played cards. While hanging out at the park we found a canvas bag hanging from a tree. There were a few of those kinds of bags scattered around the park, which only served to pique my curiosity. I checked the bag, and found a £20 voucher to Gourmet Burger Kitchen! :)

Today we went to the Museum of Science and Industry and played around for a while experimenting on stuff. The city of Manchester has a lot of things in common with Tampere, the city where I live. The history of an industrial city, the exportation of fabrics, the interest in science these days... No wonder Tampere ia sometimes called 'Mansesteri'!

The Boyfriend lifts a Mini Cooper!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is within a walking distance from the museum, so we headed there for lunch. The burgers we had were absolutely delicious! I've never had falafels as soft, tasty, and moist (gosh, that word gives me the chills) as they had in their Falafel Burger. If you ever come to Manchester, that is a really great place to eat. The staff were all friendly and helpful, too.

The Lowry Bridge

We are leaving Manchester tomorrow morning. Next stop Edinburgh! 

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  1. Anna, nämä on olleet ihania kertomuksia ja kivoja kuvia. Odotamme Edinburgh -postausta