7 December 2014

First Week of Christmas: Cookies, Cards, and Games

This week has been extremely hectic. I've been to work and/or the uni six days this week, including today. It feels funny that the semester is almost over. I've handed in two huge assignments I've been working on all autumn (until three o'clock in the morning on several nights, mind you). It's totally weird to finally have them off my hands.

I only had one lesson on Monday, which was awsome, because we finally had time to go into the center to buy extension chords for our Christmas lights and supplies for Christmas cards. I also snuck in a sneaky game from Tiger and a jumper for the Boyfriend from H&M. Tiger is the best place to by games, by the way! They have a lot of classic board games for quite cheap. So far I've bought Chinese Checkers and a colourful Jenga, both of them under ten euros.

On Tuesday I ran from uni to work to choir practice.We have a Christmas concert in the Tampere Cathedral next Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday were full of lectures and work yet again. On Wednesday night we had dinner with my aunt at a stake restaurant. A weird experience for a vegetarian, let me tell you. On Thursday I finished a research paper I had been working on for nearly three months now. Sending it in on Friday morning made me really nervous. Letting go of a paper can be hard!

Yesterday was Independence Day (Finland is now 97 years old, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't). That means it was a national holiday and a free day for me as well. We had a lie in and woke up pretty late, just before ten to be precise. After breakfast we just hung around, watched YouTube, cleaned and did the dishes. the Boyfriend's family has always baked cookies on Independence Day, and my family has always spent the day crafting Christmas cards, so we did both while food was cooking in the oven. After dinner we took a walk, had a sauna, and chilled for the rest of the evening.

It's been a while since we've had a chance to spend a whole day just the two of us together. We do have free days, but lately we've been spending them with our families: last weekend we were in Helsinki with my family, the weekend before that the Boyfriend's sister stayed at our place, the weekend before that his brother came over with his family, and the weekend before that we were at his mother's house. Family is extremely important to us both, as you may be able to tell. ;)

What have you've been up to last week? Are you getting festive already?
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