19 July 2015

Sun-kissed in Tallinn

Here comes the first blog post regarding our summer vacation trip, as promised.

As I said in my packing post, we got cruise coupons from my sister and decided to head to Tallinn for the day. We traveled on the Viking Xprs (the ship's so quick they don't have time for vowels, it would seem) that left Helsinki at 11:30. We arrived in Tallinn at two, and had about three and a half hours there.

It turned out we had picked the perfect day to go: it was sunny and about 23 degrees all day. We spent the few hours we had in Tallinn just walking around and basking in the sunlight. It was amazing to spend time just the two of us doing absolutely nothing together. It was a perfect summer day! We came home happy, sun-kissed and carrying way too much candy (tax free is always so tempting...)

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18 July 2015

Long time, no see...

Hi guys!

I know, I know. I promised I'd blog more during the summer, but life happened. And by life I mean limited access to a computer and to wifi. And limited amounts of time to actually stare at a computer screen and write anything, because the last four weeks I've been running around like a headless chicken. Seriously.

Tonight I'll sit down and write a couple of blog posts about our travels around, like promised. They'll be up tomorrow and next week.

I'm soooo sorry. And soooo happy to be back! :) Here's a cute picture of my cat (to distract you from the fact that I'm a really terrible blogger)!
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